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Ship large & bulky items

Sofas, strollers, bicycles - now shipping them to your
doorstep is a breeze.


Here are examples of items that you can ship via Sea Freight option.

1 crib
1 toddler rocker
1 police motorcycle 12-volt battery-powered ride-on
1 stroller large travel system set
1 play mat
1 Cook N Grow kitchen set
1 Lego set
1 playground safety tile set
1 toddler table & 1 chair set
1 upholstered twin headboard
1 body pillow
1 bean bag sofa
5 pieces coffee set
1 mattress
1 cookware set
1 home & entertainment
1 hanging chair
1 deck chair
1 unisex folding bike
1 acoustic guitar package w/ instructional software
1 rear brake drum-bug
2 subwoofers
1 sew steady portable table
1 expandable luggage

*For electronic products, please take note that there may be voltage differences per country. 

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