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Shipping rates from the U.S.:

Shipping to Base Charge
(1st package only)
Weight Charge Per 100g
(based on product actual weight)
Fuel Surcharge
Per 100g
SGD 13.40
SGD 0.72
SGD 0.19
USD 20.40
USD 9.40
USD 1.60
USD 22.90
USD 10.50
USD 1.60
USD 21.60
USD 9.60
USD 1.60


From 5-9 Dec, here is an example on shipping charges calculated for vPost USA packages (SG Only):


Package Details
Toys (1st package)
Luggage (2nd package)
Product Weight
0.2 kg
3 kg
Product Cost
USD 100
(SGD 141)
USD 350
(SGD 493.5)
Shipping Cost
SGD 17.95
SGD 27.3
Total Cost
SGD 156.2
(0% GST applied)
SGD 520.8
(7% GST: SGD 36.5
payable to SG Customs)
Total Payable Cost
SGD 17.95
SGD 63.8
(Shipping + GST)
Shipping Costs Breakdown:
Toys (1st package): $13.40 + (5 x 0.72) + (5 x 0.19) = $17.95
Luggage (2nd package): (30 x 0.72) + (30 x 0.19) = $27.30

Total Payable Cost: SGD 45.25 (Shipping) + SGD 36.5 (GST) = SGD 81.75
- Exchange rate used for this example is SGD 1.41
- Total cost is inclusive of product cost (product price), shipping cost and insurance cost (optional)
- 7% of GST is applicable for total cost of $400 above
Shop now to ensure you can ship out to Singapore by 9th Dec to enjoy this actual product weight promotion.

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1. I have 2 packages in my vPost account currently; can I hold them till 9th December to check out to enjoy the actual weight billing?

Yes, you may. However, if your packages exceed our free storage of 21 days, you will still be charged a holding fee of S$ 1.50 per day.


2. When is the last date I can check out my packages to enjoy this actual weight billing promotion for my vPost USA packages?

This actual weight billing promotion will end on 9th December, 2359HRS (Singapore Time).


3. Why will my vPost USA packages not be repack during this promotion period?

Repacking is done primarily to reduce the volumetric weight. Since we are charging based on actual weight during this promotional period, no repacking service will be done for packages that are process during this period from 1st to 7th December 2016 (US time).
However, if you require us to do a repack assessment for your package, you may submit a request to our Customer Service team for us to assess if your package can be repack. Note that a repack fee (S$ 6.00) will be applicable for packages that are successfully repacked.


4. Does this actual weight billing promotion apply for my packages at vPost Japan/China warehouse?

No, this actual weight promotion is only applicable for vPost USA packages that are checked out from 5th to 9th December 2016.
For vPost China and Japan, the current pricing method remains.


5. What is the maximum dimensions and weight of my vPost USA packages that I can ship to enjoy this promotion?

There is no change to the current maximum dimensions and weight of the packages that you can ship via vPost USA (Air freight) to enjoy this promotion.


Terms & Conditions

- This promotion is only valid for vPost USA packages that are paid from 5th to 9th December 2016 (SG time, both dates inclusive).
- Valid for unlimited check-out of vPost USA packages, during this promotion period.
- Valid only for vPost USA air freight shipments and is not applicable for Seafreight and vShop4U services.
- Valid for vPost Singapore and vPost Asia members only.
- vPost may at any time at its sole discretion and without prior notice, vary, modify, delete or add to these terms and conditions.

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