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Size Doesn’t Matter

Holidays are almost here! Excited? Or stressed?

If that stress is over how much extra you pay for shipping your Black Friday purchases and Christmas prezzies from the US and Europe. With this new calculation, online shopping is more savings, less fuss – exactly what it should be.

Here’s a quick example, following up from our previous post, of what you can expect now when you use your vPost address.

If you are shopping, say, in the US:

Package Details

Value of Product Actual Weight Shipping Cost CIF (based on
1 SGD = 1.3871 USD)
forever 21

USD $100


SGD $32.51

SGD $171.22


USD $50


SGD $4.55

SGD $73.91


USD $530


SGD $85.54

SGD $767.01

Shipping cost breakdown: (Base Fee) + (Weight x Shipping fee) + (Weight x Fuel Surcharge)

Forever 21 Package : $13.40 + (21 x 0.72) + (21 x 0.19) = $32.51
ColourPop Package: FREE + (5 x 0.72) + 5 x 0.19) = $4.55
Nordstrom Package: FREE + (35 x 0.72) + (35 x 0.19) + (GST:7% x SGD767.01) = $85.54

Hope this quick breakdown shows you why size doesn’t matter!

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Want to see details for the other countries? Check out our country rates list.

Now you’re better prepared for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas! Stay tuned to the Insider’s Corner for more updates on promotions and global shopping tricks.

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