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Start 2017 With A Big Bang!

As we welcome the New Year and make New Year resolution lists, get some encouragement for a new beginning! Don’t miss out on items and brands you can still put on that 2017 wish list.

We’ve compiled some top items that will continue to be trendy for your overseas shopping list.


For the beauty fanatics

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner’s new beauty brand has been around for a few months, offering products ranging from lipstick to foundations. We’re pretty sure this will remain one of our top overseas online shopping purchases, especially since every new release keeps beauty product aficionados buzzing on social media. Visit it here!


Everybody hates having to burn a hole in their pockets, just to satisfy their lust for makeup… so, check this affordable brand out! Colourpop deserves a spot on any makeup connoisseur’s list. Visit it here!


This US-only brand is definitely for those that don’t just go with cookie-cutter beauty products in the beauty department. Use that US address and get it shipped to your doorstep! Visit it here!


This brand is a favourite among YouTube makeup gurus. Check out their blusher and eye shadow collection! Visit it here!


Do you know?

Many beauty products like perfume and toner, due to alcohol content, are deemed potentially hazardous and barred from shipping. Just like how you want to avoid bringing more than 10ml in your carry-on baggage, you may need to drop such purchases from your cart to be safe.


For the tech freaks

Google Pixel

It’s Google’s turn on the smartphone. Choose to be among the influencers and early adopters, and get your hands on one of these directly from the US! Get one here!

Amazon Echo

Your 2017 wishlist should include this. Amazon Echo is definitely a game-changer for the home. Put it in your room for a host of hands-free conveniences: playing your favorite music, switching on your TVs and lights, and more! Start your Smart Home here! >

Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality technology is gaining popularity and the possibilities for entertainment and learning is expanding. Get your hands on with this gear and step into another world – perhaps your favorite game or movie scene? Virtual Reality starts here!

Amazon Kindle

Keeping your bookshelves free and tidy for… however long e-readers have been out. Today, the Kindle is still one of the best of its kind out there, and on many to-buy lists. Start building your e-library here!

GoPro Hero 5

Love to travel and want to keep those memories alive? Toss those selfie sticks aside and go with high-quality video instead. Put the latest GoPro Hero 5 on your overseas purchase list. Pick one up here!


For the home decorators

StickOnPods Cosmetic Organizer

Individual storage units that stick on your wall, to keep your bathroom or table clutter free! Get one here.

Carnival Swing Portrait

You can never have too many frames. Decorate your room with this picture of a whimsical carnival swing! Get it here.

White Marble Lazy Susan

One of our favorites for your new BTO or revamped kitchen, this lazy susan adds a touch of class while helping to keep the eating space tidy. Get it here. (Yummies not included.)


Instead of cashing out with your Lululemon, give this brand a shot! Their leggings provide mesh on high heat zones – for comfortable yoga practice, among other things. Get a pair here.

2017 Kate Champagne Desk Calendar

Mark your New Year achievements with Sugar Paper from L.A. Their collection ranges from leather notepads to desk calendars and more! Get one here.


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