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vShop4U: Outsource Your Online Shopping

As promised in the previous article, we’re uncovering our very own shopping service!

What is vShop4U?

It’s us shopping for YOU online. This service is especially useful for when sites do not accept your Singapore credit card, or when you do not wish to use it online.

Let’s break down why using vShop4U is a good choice for your online shopping.

It’s absolutely FREE

You can purchase from merchants that do not accept international credit cards.

100% transparency, with all shipping fees and statuses summarized on your dashboard.

No complex submissions

Ready to roll using vShop4U?

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Sign up here.
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Log in and give us the links to your desired items here. Let us know if you have any specific colors, sizes and so on, and if there are any promo codes you wish us to use in this purchase.

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Choose the mode through you wish to receive your items: at lowest cost or expedited, 1-2 days express shipping.

Do check the list of sites that we cannot purchase from. Some merchants will not accept our orders as they only ship to billing addresses.



Once vPost has completed your request, simply make the final confirmation and pay!

Get ready for your items to arrive on your doorstep!

Fun Fact!

vPOST and vShop4U have actually been around since 2003! We are one of the leading providers of overseas purchase services, saving you air tickets and excess baggage.

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