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Here are examples of items that you can ship at attractive shipping prices.
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Less than S$20
 Weight: less than 0.5kg
2 bangle bracelets
1 leather wallet
1 luxury watch
2 cufflinks
2 pendants
1 branded denim
1 manual breast pump
1 Kindle Paperwhite


Less than S$40
 Weight: 1 to 2.5kg
ankle strap flats
26 new born essentials
6-sheet cross-cut shredder
guitar combo amplifier
1 receiver
slr camera bundle
69 pieces socket set
1 air purifier


Less than S$60
 Weight: 3 to 5kg
1 airbed mattress with
built-in electric pump
1 rattan cool bar
2 waterproof speakers
1 laptop
1 breadmaker
1 pizza oven
1 upright vacuum
1 monitor


Less than S$100
 Weight: 5 to 9kg
photo studio
1 cabin-size luggage
1 printer, copier, scanner,
fax machine
keyboard bundle
1 branded bag
2 hand weights
1 espresso maker
king-sized play gym


* Weights displayed are indicative only and may vary with different packaging used by merchants.
** Prices displayed do not include custom charges, and are subject to change. For electronic products, please take note that there may be voltage differences per country.

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