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"I love shopping with vPost because I can shop at several merchants at once without all the hassles. It's so easy and convenient!!"

Suzi from Singapore

"Smiles for everyone, including Gracie & Toby, who are delighted with our package delivery today. For them, Greenies for Senior dogs, which are unavailable in Singapore, and Victoria's Secret for me!"

Stephanie from Singapore

"Simply easy & reliable with @vPOST #ishipvpost #popstation - love the flexibility to even collect during wee hours."

Alan from Singapore

"Thank you for your great and prompt help!"

Lim Chuwei from Singapore

"Thank you! Thanks for the awesome service and speedy delivery!"

Lim Qi Yuan Spyros from Singapore

"I just received the package. Thanks for the great service!"

Lieng Duncan from Singapore

"Hi. Thanks so much for your kind assistance and action taken regarding this matter and I truly appreciate it. Take care & have a good day, too! Cheers!"

Fel ChrisFel from Singapore

“Thank you, vPost for the speedy delivery! The shipment arrived on time although I had problems with the shipment initially but it was resolved quickly. The SingPost / Speedpost delivery man was friendly and polite, too. Nothing beats service with a smile!"

Jun Wee from Singapore

"Hi vPost. Thank you for helping to solve the problem. Appreciate it so much. Thank you & best regards."

Cronos Jas from Singapore

“Hi. I would like to comment on one of your dispatch on 28/03/14. Delivery was made but I was not at home, this dispatch left the usual note and even gave me a call which I missed. I returned the missed call and to my surprise, he picked up and rush back to deliver the package to me. I would like to thank him for a job well done! Below is my tracking id if you need any clarification VS14696XXXXUS. Another Happy Customer!"

Harlyn N Mikail from Singapore

"I already received the item. Thanks for the help and the swift reply.  Keep up the good work!"

Fadel Fardigo from Singapore

“Your customer service has helped me to recover the package. Thank you! You guys are awesome as always!”
Kenny Zhuo Ming Lu from Singapore

“vPost gives us the flexibility and choices of a global market with very reasonable shipping that is unbelievably fast.”
Giri Vedha from Singapore

"Really love vPost for the convenience and speed of delivery. My parcels from the US came in just 3 days! Keep it up! Thank you."

Jeffrey Yeo from Singapore

"Do you like internet shopping? Try vPost. It's easy, convenient and you'll be spoilt for choice! This sailing watch is bought from Amazon for my little sailor via vPost."

Angeline from Singapore

"Not yet released in SG but here it is - Urban Decay's Full Frontal Lip Stash, coz I shop and ship with vPOST #ishipvpost"

Sheena from Singapore

“My 6th time shopping with vPost. They never fail to deliver my package right up to my door step. What's even better is you can track the status of your package online. It's easy, convenient and definitely makes you have a peace of mind. Thank you, vPost for delivering my package on time, and for your great service."

Christina from Singapore

"I love shipping by vPost cos it allows me to ship at my favourite websites! I love buying clothes and shoes for my children which I can't get in Singapore."

Rei from Singapore

"The joy of opening boxes shipped from overseas. Shipping via vPost is fast and easy!"

Mich from Singapore

"Kate Spade wallet from Piperlime, shipped via vPost. Love vPost because I received my dream wallet so quickly!!!!!"

Alisha from Singapore

"Christmas came early with vPost! So much stuff, happy girl! Some for Christmas gifts and more on the way. Love vPost!"

J-Yeow from Singapore

“Little guy was super excited to receive his long-wanted Heelys shoes! The right size and cute design that we couldn't find anywhere in Singapore, at half price! It's possible! Love vPost for shipping them from USA to our doorstep!"

Carol from Singapore

"HOW DO I LIVE WITHOUT VPOST?!?! Wouldn't be able to ever get my hands on these great deals if it wasn't for vPost's help to ship them to Singapore!"

Cherie from Singapore

"Got these Gap discounted items at a good price! I shopped & shipped with vPost #ishipvpost And thank you vPost for the 15% off for the 1st shipment!"

Sarina from Singapore

"(Got) My ~Frozen~ Birthday Gift!!! Thank you, vPost."

Nicole from Singapore

"Reliable and fast shipping!"

Ehla from Singapore

"We shop and ship with @vPost ‪#ishipVpost‬ for its affordable shipping rates and tons of US shops to choose from."

Ferdinand from Singapore

“I have just accessed your website to make payment. It's so fast and smooth, unlike previously when you have to wait for century for response when declaring payment. That's a good improvement. Keep it up. Cheers!”

Justin Phua from Singapore

“Just to let you know that I love the new website, and that I have had no issues whatsoever with how awesome vPost is! while it's quite inconvenient to change mailing address on all my usa shopping sites (3 times already!!!), I also understand it cannot be avoided. keep up the good job, vPost!"

Ms Lynn Aziz from Singapore

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