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We make your shopping process even more convenient. Have vShop4U buy for you!

Why use vShop4U?

No hassle – you submit the request and we'll do everything else for you.

100% transparency – we tell you the exact cost that you need to pay.

We've made it extra special by doubling up our services! No other shipping provider offers live quote and personal shopping service - we make sure you get the best of both worlds.

Thousands of merchants, better prices, convenient shipping - there's simply no reason for you to reject international shopping now.

Is vShop4U right for you?

If you:

Need help in navigating the complex ordering process

Prefer to have somebody purchase your items for you

Shop from an overseas merchant that does not accept international credit cards.

vShop4U is what you need.

How vShop4U works?

vShop4U Request

1. Request

Tell us the item and who you're buying from. Fill in the simple request form and click submit.

vShop4U Confirm and Pay

2. Confirm and pay

We'll inform you the exact total cost. Tell us when you confirm the prices, make payment and we'll proceed to buy the item for you.

vShop4U shipping

3. Relax and wait

Relax in the comfort of your home as we ship your order right to your doorstep!

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*Notice: The vShop4U service is not applicable for the following: pre-order, promotions, timed sale & perishable products. We reserve the right to refuse such requests if they fall under any of the above order types.

*vShop4U is currently not able to process Amazon orders. For restricted merchants list, click on this.

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